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Stratigic Planning

A great design must help you accomplish your organization’s objectives. Before jumping into the design process we must ask ourselves what the purpose of the design is? What is the message and unique value proposition? Who is the defined target audience?

Strategic planning is all about identifying these goals and using them to guide your design. With years of experience working closely with different types of businesses, I can help you to answer these fundamental questions.

Design (UI + UX)

Now that we have stablished the purpose of the product, set the goals we want to achieve and identified our audience, it's time to bring your idea to life. All the design decisions we make have to sync with our strategy.

With that in mind, I can help you with designing all forms of online presentation ranging from mockups for websites and mobile applications to email marketing templates and graphic design for social media marketing and digital advertising.


I can turn your design to a high performance website. All my projects are responsive meaning your website will look good on any device, whether it is a computer, mobile phone or tablet. There are different solutions for different types of content but I usually recommend my clients to go with a CMS such as Wordpress, Drupal, Magento or Shopify. Because they are easy to set up, reliable, and easy to maintain.

I can also help you to enhance your existing website performance with increasing its loading speed, display performance, and SEO optimizations. I always ensure that every site is built with clean and efficient code to maximize the performance.


If you want to run a successful online business building a well designed website is just the beginning. Now you have to let the world know about it.

I can help you to promote your product with on-site and off-site SEO (Search Engine Optimization), set up and manage your next marketing campaign on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or search engines (Google Ads), or design and launch your next email marketing campaign.

About Me

My name is Saeed /sæiːd/. I am a front-end web application developer, designer and entrepreneur living in Los Angeles, CA. Most recently, I worked for the Getty Museum where I built some very cool interactive web-based application. When I am not busy, I love to collaborate on interesting projects and help my clients to achieve their goals.

You can find me sharing my random thoughts on twitter. Thanks for visiting my website and feel free to contact me if you need help with your next project.


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